Whether it is a guest, a friend, the mailman, or a contractor, and even the NYS Trooper, the words most first-timers utter when they arrive at And-Hof, are about what a magical place this is. Who would expect a place where free roaming animals come out of the forest to greet you, miles away from the last signs of civilization?

And-Hof is a refugium for animals, nature as well as humans. The antidote to the commercialized world beyond the trees. The succinct balance this place radiates, reverberates with almost everybody upon arrival. The intimacy of this place in the forest allows you to let go and immerse yourself into experiencing what we practice. Without being distracted by the world you left behind, when you turned off the paved road.

Offering accommodations on a limit scale and allowing visitors stay for a period of time, will not only be advantages for the sanctuary financially, it will furthermore promote our mission. Whether one prefers the comfort of a mattress, pitch a tent under the Hemlock trees, or simply wants to roll out a sleepingbag down by the stream, is entirely up to the individual. Either way, most everybody, who has spent any length of time at And-Hof was touched by this place and the mission we practice