Our animals come here alone, but with your help, they don’t have to stay that way forever. Read more about them and consider making a monthly donation to “adopt” an animal that makes you smile.

Pauli was a bit of a bully when he first arrived, that is until Pumbah came on the scene and gave this little hot head a few lessons in respect and discipline. Read Pauli’s story here.

The gyro’s carving knife was waiting for Moritz, but then he took a detour to And-Hof Animals and the rest is history. Read Moritz’s story here.

Theo, Boscoe, Oliver
Theo, Boscoe, and Oliver are the welcome crew at And-Hof Animals. How often do you see two dogs and a sheep together? Learn how these three became friends.

Hank is one of our most handsome roosters — and he knows it! He’s a real strutter around the farm and isn’t afraid to show the other roosters who’s king. We love Hank because he wears his new health loud and proud. Please consider a $15 monthly gift to Hank to show him you believe his comeback isn’t just for show.

Our old soul, Pumbah, was left behind by his previous owner when they moved and couldn’t take him to their new place. He was very sad at first, but the responsibility of teaching the ropes to a youngster gave him a new lease on life. A small gift of just $35 a month is all it takes to keep this old pig healthy and active for years to come.

One of 128 wild turkeys from Staten Island that were supposed to be culled until And-Hof Animals, with the help of the Humane Society and Goosewatch NYC, negotiated a deal that would bring them from the sandy beaches of Staten Island to the wilds of the Catskill Mountains in the Hudson Valley. Please help us ensure with a $15 a month donation that the turkeys of New York City live long and prosper in their mountain retreat.