And-Hof was started by Kurt Andernach in 2010.  Kurt had a dream to start And-Hof inspired by the animals he knew and loved growing up in his hometown of Bavaria.  After moving first to Chicago and then New York City, he kept this dream in the back of his mind, even after a success career as an interior designer and architect for such clients as Diane von Furstenberg.  In 2002, he began to plan his move to the country.  His search took him first to Coxsackie and then to Leeds, where he found a 50-acre plot of land deep in the woods where he began to plan the farm sanctuary he would one day create.  It was Hank, a runaway rooster, who finally put his plan in motion in the summer of 2010.  And a year later, And-Hof Animals, Sanctuary for Farm Animals + Permaculture was born.  In 2016, the farm received its official 501(c)3 status.  Today, the farm is home to over 160 turkeys, 100 chickens, 25 ducks, five goats, four sheep, three pigs, and two very loud geese.

Today he is also joined by a very talented staff of veteran farm caretakers and veterinarians who keep his animals healthy and happy using holistic and homeopathic remedies whenever possible.